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Rachel Brummond

Spunky, Kick-Ass Girl Boss
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The Face Behind the Biz

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I’m Rachel Brummond, the kick-ass she-boss behind Live. Laugh. Boss Up! As a small business owner and solopreneur for over 15 years, I’ve learned what makes a business of any size run smoothly and successfully.

I started as a virtual assistant way back when, and have worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs in various niches across the country. I opened Brummond Administrative 15 years ago (formerly RLS Virtual Admin Services) to provide small business owners à la carte administrative services.

I’m a tell it like it is kind of person. I don’t sugar-coat anything when it comes to running or streamlining a business. That’s how I got the rapport I do with my clients – past and current.

If you ask any of them, my work-style isn’t off the wall, per se, but it is different! If I can be open with my clients, they will be open with me. Most of my clients end up being friends during and after their contract. I just click with everyone! BUT – I’ve never been afraid to tell a prospect we aren’t a good fit, either. When it comes down to it, neither of us need the stress!

Fun Facts…

  • I have been a business owner for 15 years
  • I am the mom of four amazing kids – 3 daughters and one son – and grandma to one granddaughter
  • In 2019, I transplanted from Illinois to Iowa
  • I have a Boston Terrier named Jasper
  • When I’m not working, I’m reading, listening to music, cooking, baking, or on the Harley

The Biz Behind the Face

I started Live. Laugh. Boss Up! after I saw many of my Brummond Administrative clients struggling to figure out where they are profiting and struggling to keep their daily operations running smoothly.

Since the pandemic hit, I constantly hear how stressful the business place is. It’s hard to find help. It’s hard to keep the back-end office “stuff” organized, current, and they are no longer profiting. Due to being understaffed, many of them can no longer monitor their back-end systems – instead, juggling too many plates and losing focus on their front-end.

I created Live. Laugh. Boss Up! because of bosses and business owners like you! Take back your biz with me! I will provide you with a peace of mind while helping you streamline your systems and operations.

I’ll handle the BS so you can focus on the overall success of your business!

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